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AATS Graham Foundation Updates
We would like to thank everyone who attended this year’s AATS Graham Foundation Awards Reception held at the AATS Annual Meeting in Baltimore, MD. We had a very impressive turn out
of awardees and look forward to continuing to expand our award programs around the world.

2016 AATS Graham Foundation Awards Reception
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AATS Graham Foundation Academic Excellence Award
The AATS Graham Foundation Academic Excellence Award recognizes distinction in scientific presentations at annual meetings of affiliate organizations around the world.

2015 Awardees

AATS Graham Foundation Award at ESTS AATS Graham Foundation Award at ESTS
AATS Graham Foundation Award presented to Dr. Lieven Depypere for "Best Scientific Contribution on Esophageal Disease" at the 23rd European Conference on General Thoracic Surgery in Lisbon, Portuga. AATS Graham Foundation Award presented to Dr. Calogera Pisano for "Best Work in Progress Presentation on Innovation and Scientific Research" at the 29th EACTS Annual Meeting in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

*Photo of Dr. Argano who collected the award on
behalf of Dr. Pisano

2015 Annual Report
It is with deep gratitude that we share with you the 2015 Annual Report and Honor Roll of Donors.
2015 AATS Graham Foundation Annual Report
View the 2015 Annual Report

President's Message

  • "I was very fortunate to be awarded the Alton Ochsner Scholarship. The award opened the door to my initial faculty appointment under Dr. Lawrence Cohn at Brigham and Women's Hospital. The AATS research scholarship facilitated my continued collaboration with Professor Morris Karnovsky at Harvard Medical School."

    David H. Adams, MD, PhD – New York, New York
    Alton Ochsner Research Scholar

  • "The Gross scholarship catapulted me ahead by funding my earliest work when no other funding agency was comfortable with my limited track record. Our team was able to leverage the successful research enabled by the grant into a career of larger grants as I pursued a tenure track career. Numerous publications emanated from both the initial work and subsequent project. More importantly, this research facilitated my assuming a leadership position in the Columbia University laboratories where many students, residents, and junior attendings benefitted from the lessons learned from the support of the Gross scholarship."

    Mehmet Oz, MD – New York, NY
    Robert E. Gross Research Scholar

  • "Receiving a named award such as the Alton Ochsner Research Scholarship validates the decision to dedicate your time and effort to pursuing academic cardiothoracic surgery and basic science research in particular.  This award recognizes that one of the major deterrents to starting a research career is balancing the obligations of launching a clinical practice to pay salary and costs vs. the obligation of time to build a research focus that can bring practical value to cardiothoracic surgery and patient care."

    Yolonda L. Colson, MD, PhD – Boston, Massachusetts
    Second Alton Ochsner Research Scholar

  • "The AATS research scholarship was a critical first step in launching my academic career. It confirmed for me the commitment of the AATS to my academic advancement personally, and certainly helped to establish my position within my home institution as a scholarly clinician."

    Thoralf M. Sundt, III, MD – Boston, MA
    Second Robert E. Gross Research Scholar

  • "Previously, only three Graham Fellows had been nominated from Finland, and these professors today are most respected consultants in our country…I humbly state my gratitude."

    Ari Mennander, MD – Finland
    54th Graham Fellow

  • "The experience reinforced my interest in pursuing a career in the operating room, while introducing me to the excitement of basic science research….. Most of all, I learned about cardiothoracic surgery as a fascinating, constantly challenging field and the many roles that a surgeon has beyond the operating room."

    Chen He – Albert Einstein College of Medicine
    Summer Intern Scholar

  • "The AATS scholarship gave me the opportunity to explore the field of cardiothoracic surgery in a way that I would have never being able to do during my pre clinical years."

    Juan Ortiz – University of Washington
    Summer Intern Scholar

  • "In no other educational endeavor have I experienced as much clinical and professional maturation as I did during this experience."

    Conor McLaughlin – Medical University of South Carolina
    Summer Intern Scholar

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